Colourful LED Transparent Round Bubble Glow in Dark 18″ 1Pc Helium Balloon Decoration (Multicolour)

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  • Cool way to liven up your p-a-r-t-y surprise your family, friends or guests with this cool glow in the dark led balloon and witness the million dollar smile on their face when they will see this led balloon glowing up in the air. Also don’t forget the kids. Kids love these glowing led balloons, so why not give the kids a one more reason to smile and enjoy the parties
  • Easy to inflate and deflate- these led balloons can be easily inflated with helium gas. Helium gas will help this led balloon to float in the air, giving a fairy-tale look for your party. After use you can easily deflate the led balloon and store it till next use
  • Ecofriendly and reusable- are you tired of buying a party product every time you celebrate but not after you trolleyhubs led transparent balloon. These led balloons are designed in such a way that they can be reused, you can easily store these led balloons until next use. You can also use rechargeable batteries, making it more eco-friendly
  • Perfect to make any celebration extra special – whether it be the birthday celebrations, weddings, festivals, anniversaries, parties or events, these led balloons will add up more charm to your party making it an extra special event for your friends and family to remember
  • Easy to install- these led balloons require inflating by helium gas and 3 aa batteries. Voila. your glow in the dark led transparent balloon is ready for your party. The special thin luminous led string is flexible and can be bend into any shape you like. These led balloon lasts up to 8-24 hours of continuous use. When discharged you can easily recharge the rechargeable batteries or place batteries for further use

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