4 Pcs Baby Safety Edge Corner Guard Plastic Transparent (Pack of 1)


  • Worried about your child’s safety?? Has your baby started to crawl, walk? It’s amazing how many sharp edges there are around your home if you take time to have a close look. Buy Party Propz Edge Corner Guards and ensure your babies safety.
  • You can use it onto sharp edged of tables, dressers, bed framers around the house. It is made of super soft material and is extra thick. It is easy to stick and can be installed on all surfaces like wood, glass etc.
  • It won’t damage your furniture and can be removed easily once the work is done.
  • It is Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, odorless, dust-free and does not become sticky on prolonged use even in Indian heat
  • Taking proactive approach for babies safety is always recommended. Let them be free to crawl walk and explore the world without any injuries.

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