Macaroon Crystal Slime kit Toy for Kids (Set of 6)


✿The crystal macaroon clay is super light, soft, smells good, color is pure, can be arbitrary mixed color,easy modelling. Good for exercise the hand while increasing concentration.The play putty also doesn’t stick to your hands. Includes 5 PCS

✿A variety of games- You can poke it, stretch it, wiggle it, make a lots of models, pour it from hand to hand, and you can even use it to blowing bubbles with a straw.

✿NOTE – Can be used again and again, eco-friendly and safe, and it is not sticky, easy to clean up.Because the slime will get dry if exposed in the air for quite a long time. So must put the mud back in the container when you don’t use it, next time you want to play it you will find that the slime had restore the original appearance! 🙂

✿Great toys for both adults and kids over 6 years old.

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