25Pcs Rose Gold Happy Birthday Foil Balloon, Confetti And Metallic Balloons Combo For Birthday Decoration Items For Girls


25Pcs Rose Gold Metallic and Foil Balloon combo includes: 1set of 13Pcs happy birthday foil balloon and 12Pcs latex and confetti balloons.

Happy birthday foil balloons are 16” in length each alphabet. It can only be filled with air. These 16” alphabet foil balloons do not float. Please use the ribbon in the packet to make a foil balloon banner.

12Pcs latex and confetti balloons can be filled with helium or air. Confetti and latex balloons both can be floated in air ONLY IF FILLED WITH HELIUM

These foil balloons combo looks very elegant when decorated.

Want to capture a memorable Instagram birthday picture of your baby girl??

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