15Pcs Rose Gold Happy Birthday Decoration, 2Pcs Rose Gold Foil Curtains and 1set Birthday Foil Ballon


15Pcs Rose gold birthday decoration combo includes: 2Pcs rose gold foil curtain and 1set (13Pcs) of rose gold “happy birthday” foil balloons

Each rose gold foil curtain is 3.2Ft in width by 8.3Ft in length. Please peel off the thin double tape given on the back of the curtain to mount it on the wall. Foil curtain is of thick and high-quality material.

“happy birthday” foil balloon alphabet is 16″ in size each letter. They can be filled with helium or air.

NOTE: 16″ alphabet and foil balloons cannot be floated in air even if filled with helium.

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