26Pcs Bachelorette Party Items Combo For Bride To Be Balloons Or Bachelorette Party Decorations


  • ❤️ Bride To Be Balloons and Banner Package includes: 24Pcs Bride to be balloons and 1Pcs Miss To Mrs Rose Gold Glitter banner
  • ✅ FREE !!! 100 Dots Balloon Glue dot. Balloon glue dot helps in sticking the banner and balloon to the walls. NO HASSLE TO USE DOUBLE TAPE ANYMORE.
  • ❤️ Miss to mrs banner has original glitter and looks very elegant when hang.
  • ❤️ Bride to be balloon is 24Pcs Pink and golden in a package and is very high quality. It can be filled with helium or gas.
  • ❤️ Want to capture a great instagram picture?? buy this… click and post !!!

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